Monday, August 17, 2015

Finally: My New Book!

When I stopped writing this blog with the intention of turning the material into a book, I had no idea that it would take quite so long, but....
Finally, I have finished and published my book on dissertation writing: Getting the Best of Your Dissertation: Practical Perspectives for Effective Research (or on Amazon: Getting the Best of Your Dissertation)
I suppose it's unnecessary to say that I think it has a novel and useful take on the issues related to dissertation writing, even despite the fact that I think there are lots of good dissertation books out there that have lots of good ideas. And despite the fact that pretty much every dissertation book that I like makes a point that I repeat, which is that to write a dissertation, you want to write every day.
Now that I've written this one book, will I blog more? Who knows? It's not as if there are any regular followers of my blog after being idle for so long.
I've got at least two more books already in the works, and hopefully I'll get them to completion a bit faster than I did this first one.