Thursday, March 22, 2007

Make a decision, now!

Sometimes one needs to make a decision.
Sometimes one reaches a point where any decision is better than no decision.

Is it better to debate over two possible ways to write your paper, or to write it the wrong way and submit it to your professor or committee? Chances are it's better to do the wrong thing than to do nothing.

Is it better to debate which editor to use, or to choose the wrong one? Better to choose the wrong one--then you continue to move forward. (I had to advise someone on this point today.)

If you make a mistake, you can learn from it, profit from it. If you vacillate and choose no course of action, you spend your energy and time without as much potential for gain.

Of course careful consideration of options can lead to discovering the best option. Of course, one can decide precipitously, leading to an improper, impetuous decision. But that is hardly the problem of most academics.

So, if you're vacillating, make a decision, now!

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