Monday, June 1, 2009

Set clear goals

I'm at 31,000 words now.

I was talking with a writer who said "I want this section to be 10 pages."
I asked what would go into the 10-page section, and she mentioned three main sub-sections. I asked her how long each subsection would be, she said "five to seven pages." This doesn't add up. And it's a good recipe for spending time writing and coming up with something that is not well focused, because you weren't sure where it would start and end.

Right now I'm having a bit of trouble imagining how I'm going to fill in the remaining 29,000 words to get to my goal of 60,000. But I also have one section that has gone over the estimated length. I imagine that, given time, I could write more than I estimated for each individual section. The key will be to keep it focused and cohesive.

only 29,000 more to go...
and then I can start the second draft.

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