Saturday, March 8, 2008

My 100th post

My previous post was my 100th in this blog.
I know that in blogdom 100 posts is lightweight--some bloggers have been posting multiple times a day for years, piling up thousands of posts.
At the same time, 100 posts also represents a not-inconsiderable output: one doesn't post 100 times without some sort of consistent effort (especially if your posts are more than just a line or two).

When I noticed that I had posted my 100th post, it made me think about the power of just sticking to it. My cumulative efforts with this blog have added up into a substantial collection of little pieces. But the effort expended never seemed particularly onerous at any time, because I was just doing a little bit each day. Sure, there were moments when it was difficult to get going, or to find something interesting to say (and it may be that most of what I wrote isn't interesting to the reader), but for the most part, the effort seemed light.

The same, really, is true of any project: we can stick to our consistent effort and get long-term results but that consistent effort, even if we don't work ourselves into crisis mode. By sticking to the project consistently, we can generate substantial returns over a period of time.

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