Friday, March 14, 2008

Traffic on this site; Feedback request

I don't get much traffic on this site. Over the last two months I've gotten something like 50 visitors altogether. Most visitors look at a page, maybe two.
Recently someone has looked at a lot of pages--maybe thirty or forty pages over a few days. I would love to hear from you, whoever it is that is actually reading this.
It's immensely gratifying to know that someone cares enough to read several pages; it would be great to know what you're thinking about what you've read, especially if you have any questions about these general issues that I've been writing about.
Every writer wants feedback; I'm no exception.
So, please, if you've read even a few pages of this blog e-mail me. Tell me how you've been using this material; tell what kind of project, if any, you're working on. There's no obligation. Or leave a comment on the blog; that would be just as good as your writing me.

You could call this my monthly request for feedback.

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