Sunday, January 27, 2008

Inspiration; no inspiration

Following up on my theme of the past few days, sometimes we feel inspired. We have something that we want to say; we have a vision of how we're going to say it and why it is important. Sometimes we don't feel so inspired, and it's a struggle to move forward.

Some days I think that this blog might actually help someone. I know that many of the things that I have written here have helped my clients--often what I write is a revision of notes that I have made for one of them. But maybe not. Firstly, what I write to my clients is directly aimed at helping them in the specific situation they're in, so what helps them might not help someone else in a different position. Secondly, the traffic on this blog is tiny, and most people don't stay long or look at many pages, which really reduces the probability that something I have written will help anyone. In short, sometimes I feel so uninspired.

But sticking to a purpose has value, and if you can work through the moments when you're feeling uninspired, your chance of coming to a place of inspiration is much greater.

I know that standard blog practice is to copy in all sorts of stuff from other sources or to link to other sources. As I started writing this, I found myself thinking of a song by the band Traffic, and so I include the lyrics here.

(Sometimes I feel so) Uninspired

Sometimes I feel so uninspired
Sometimes I feel like giving up
Sometimes I feel so very tired
Sometimes I feel like I've had enough
Sometimes you feel like you've been hired
Sometimes you feel like you've been bought
Sometimes you feel like your room's been wired
Sometimes you feel like you've been caught
But don't let it get you down
There is no reason for not failing
You've got to smile and turn the other cheek
So today you might get up
But by tomorrow you'll be sailing
And you won't even hear these words I speak
Some people want to be so desired
Some people can't stand the light of day
Somebody's laughing while someone is crying
But for to want in the close of the day
But sometimes I feel like my head is spinning
I'm gonna cave with all I see
I don't know who's losing and I don't care who's winning
Hardship and trouble following me.

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