Saturday, January 12, 2008


How much redundancy is the right amount?

There is a place for redundancy in writing. But it is to be used sparingly.

In long works, however, it can be useful to repeat or reintroduce an idea that has come before. This helps the reader keep sight of the larger project.

Redundancy is the political practice of staying on message.

In songs and poetry, of course, plain repetition give music to the voice.

In a blog about problems writing and finding ways to work around and work through problems writing, I find it hard to imagine avoiding some level of redundancy, especially if I write often and consistently. Basic ideas remain the same, and though I may clothe the ideas in new outfits and new metaphors, still it will be the same ideas being worked and reworked. Oh, sure, I have new ideas from time to time, too, but who is constantly original?

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