Monday, January 21, 2008

Maintain continuity

Sometimes we don't really have time to attend to a project on a given day.
But, in order to maintain momentum, it's also important to maintain continuity. Putting your head into your project for even a short time can really help keep continuity.

You don't necessarily need to do much--you just want to touch base with the project.
Once you've done so, you can move on to the other things, knowing that you have kept the project moving and kept it developing. That brief contact is enough to know that you have done something productive--even if it was small.

The role of that contact in maintaining morale can be worthwhile in and of itself. It can help keep the self-castigation at bay.

When we're focused on improving the process by which we work, and our relationship with our work, then we can see that the brief effort, if maintained consistently, can support growth of a positive relationship with our work.

And that's all I have time for at the moment, because, of course, I write this on a day where I'm more interested in maintaining the continuity of my blog than writing my most insightful piece yet.

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