Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Force yourself to write, even when you don't have anything to say

Over the past few days I've been writing about how I have nothing to say in this blog. I do want to keep posting something consistently. But some days I have a lot more to say than others. Over the last few days, most of what I've been thinking about with respect to my clients has been along lines that I've already written about in the recent past. This makes me feel like I'm stagnating.

But even in this situation, it's is worth it to rewrite and to keep trying to write. It's always possible that I'll find some felicitous expression that is superior to ones I've used previously. Or perhaps I'll find a perspective that I had not previously noticed.

By forcing yourself to write--whatever you choose to write about--you develop your familiarity with the writing process and you get to practice quieting that internal censor who may be keeping you from writing.

Obviously, this is not a comment that is speaking to those of us who write constantly and copiously.

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