Saturday, February 16, 2008

Writing about your writing

Today I've been making good progress on a book project that I have been imagining. And these book projects, they're so much harder to bring to fruition than they are to imagine. I don't know yet if I'll be able to make this draft I'm working on into the thing that I was hoping--I'm still searching around for the right manner of presentation and the right voice--not to mention that I'm not even sure of the audience.

Anyway, because I've spent plenty of time sitting in front of the computer working on that project, I've not also gotten around to this blog. I was thinking of blowing it off, but what the heck...a little more writing practice won't hurt, and this is nothing more than a little journaling, now.

If you can write about your writing project, and about what you're trying to accomplish, that can help with the actual draft.

So stepping back from the draft can be quite useful. You can think about what you're doing and how it meshes. I'm doing a little of that now as I write, but actually I'm writing about writing about writing, I'm not writing about the writing that I'm doing.

I'm a firm believer about getting an idea of what you're doing, and then using that vision to help you move forward. When you write about your writing, you help develop your vision of the project you're trying to create. And by developing that vision, you can act with greater focus and efficiency in moving towards your desired outcome. I recently was interacting with someone who was telling me that they didn't have time for that kind of stuff. I think that's a mistake.

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